Saturday, 26 January 2013

Get more out of your Social Media activity in 2013!

Get more out of your Social Media activity in 2013!
Keeping active on social media takes time, effort and investment. Indeed the more people you attract, the more time, effort and investment it takes!

But how sure are you that you are using your resources in the best possible way? Have you got the right channel mix? Are you attracting the right audience? Are you saying the right things? Is your content being discussed and shared as much as it could be?
Maybe it's time to take a step back and review where you are with your social media activity and where you are going?

Liveinsights Social Media Strategy sessions help you do just that.
In just 3.5 hours, we will take you through a very focussed process that will enable you to,

  • Review your activity to date – what has worked well and not so well?
  • Define your overall commercial objective
  • Set clear goals an milestones
  • Outline your action plan for achieving these
  • Specify how you will monitor progress
  • Decide how you will recognise ‘success’
The sessions are quickly followed up with a report capturing all of the outputs from the session in a format that will form the basis of a 12 month plan for successful social media activity in the coming year.

The strategy sessions are held at your own premises and can involve up to 8 participants
The cost of the sessions including the report is £799 + VAT (special rates are available for NFP organisations)

For bookings or further information please contact

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